Snapchat Will Reportedly Let Brands Sponsor Your Selfie

Snapchat Will Reportedly Let Brands Sponsor Your Selfie

Snapchat is photo messaging application that in 2011 created two students at Stanford, Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy. The application lets you share photos (snaps) and story among users. 

Thus, users can record Snapchat photos, video clips, add text or drawing and send them to a specific and controlled list of recipients.

At the first glance, it seems that the Snapchat is very similar to the social networks, but what makes it different from others is stricter control user privacy. When you submit your photo to a friend, it is possible that you specify how long a friend can see your snap or story. You can specify that your photo can be seen from December 2013 in the range of 1 to 10 seconds, after which it will be hidden by the receiver and deleted from Snapchat server. The same goes for the text that you share. The only difference between the publication of photographs and texts is that the published story will be available 24 hours and in that period of time you will be able to review it, if you do not delete it.

After 24 hours of your submission, it will be deleted. Snapchat is called the new Facebook as such a form of social networking could become the future of social networks, because of concerns about user privacy that is absent in other social networks. In addition, Snapchat constantly surprises users with the innovations. For example, once you have a story published, it has been deleted and starts a new one. Every day is a story in itself, makes you share your events at the time when you experienced them. Also, it is very popular among young people. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Snapchat is reportedly working on a new unit for advertisers where they will be able to insert adds directly in your selfie pictures.  Each day Snapchat is getting more and more users, and it is costing them up to $750,000 to reach their audience just for one brand advertiser. This form of selfie advertisement which basically will be ''sponsored lenses'' will be introduced to snapchat users pretty soon.  Snapchat marketing team believes that “selfie“ advertisement is the next big thing they can At the latest Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity Evan Spiegel the chief executive talked about Snapchat's vertical video format which is going to help advertisers to convert it's users.

Snapchat now has a big step in front of them and this is how to convert it's users for their 6,000 advertisers. Just like in all social and messaging applications brands are looking forward to monetize their presence in this application as well. What is their next move and how they plan to increase the revenue for their company without placing too many ads or crowding their users it's still left to be seen. What we know so far is that all the biggest brands are interested and so is the Snapchat. All we can say now is time will tell.

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Nicole Stansley, she is a digital strategist for educational projects and a paper writing service. She loves technology and apps: “How could we ever live without this stuff?”

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