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Top 10 Apps Every Salesperson Should Have

Top 10 Apps Every Salesperson Should Have

Top 10 Apps Every Salesperson Should Have

Sales in an on-go process. You have to deal with different clients, manage piles of tasks and emails, offer ‘on field’ services, fly out for a presentation, and much more. 

In between these tasks, it is possible that you feel lost, lonely and might miss out some important deadlines. But thanks to the emerging technologies and abundance of mobile applications, it is easier for the sales reps to work effectively. With the right mobile apps installed in your phones, you can reach the right clients, communicate with them, showcase your brand to valuable clients or esteemed customers, close the deals, earn profits and become a better salesperson. 

Following are the top 10 sales mobile applications that I find useful for all those hoping for a brighter future in the sales and marketing:

10 Apps to Streamline Your Sales Process

1. Wunderlist
Wunderlist is the best cloud-based app for salespersons to manage their tasks. You can add files, organize tasks, allocate tasks (or sub-tasks) to others, share files with colleagues and others, set due-dates and get a reminder of the same, add comments and hashtags for ease, and much more.

With this mobile application, you can work effectively without getting confused what to do first, or skip any important assigned task. The app reminds you about the task scheduled and empower you to get it done before the due date. This way, you can ensure that your ‘To-do List” always remain checked (no task missed/left out).

2. Evernote

It is a must-have tool for salespeople to remain organized all the time. The mobile app is available on different platforms and empowers you to take a note and share it from any part of the world. You can add links, tables, checklists, audio recordings as well as attachments in the notes - thus, collect all the required information/details for completing a task. Not just this, you can even convert notes into presentations to get ready for the unexpected meetings.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn app is not just useful for job seekers and recruiters, it is also a perfect tool for salespeople to reach the right clients, communicate and drive sales. With the app, you can search for potential users based on the appropriate keyword. You can go through their profile and glean the useful details; and thus, connect with reputed and trusted professionals only.

Besides, you can use the app to keep a track of industry trends, understand the pain points of customers and make a marketing strategy accordingly. In other words, you can find and pitch the potential sales in the most profitable manner using the LinkedIn app.

4. Google Apps

‘Google Apps for Work’ is ultimate set of tools for the sales rep. The application offers you with a professional email, which is the basic need of a salesperson. The app enables you to communicate each other through Gmail, Google + and Hangouts.

You can sync all their tasks in Google calendar. You can create, store and share all kind of files (documents, presentations, excel sheets, forms, etc.) in Google Drive and much more. With Google Apps for Work apps in your mobile devices, you can remain in touch with anyone and have a F2F communication while sitting in the other corner of the world.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp app is a one-stop shop for all the management purposes. From discussing ideas to planning marketing campaigns and sharing files - the app is apt for your sales process.
With this app, you can find all the projects assigned on the home screen, pin the important ones, make to-do lists, chat with others, stay updated with the recent activities and much more. The application offers a myriad of options/tools through which you can effectively work and add value to the business.

6. Profit Story

Profit Story application is a reliable tool for the salespeople to make calculations. With the help of this app, you can measure the selling price, gross profit margin, break-even percentage, markup percentage and this way, estimate the impact on price negotiation on their business. You can set default settings for regular data as well as email the results for additional analysis.

7. Handshake

With Handshake app, the salespersons can better handle the remote field sales. Instead of travelling a hundred miles, you can showcase their brand services or products using 3D images, HD videos and digital catalogues. Besides, you can also employ barcode scanning feature to facilitate product information management.

8. HubSpot

HubSpot is another effective mobile CRM application that helps sales reps to convert leads on the go. The application notifies you about the new deals and sales activities, allows you to view and update the CRM task list, go through your CRM contact list and check the interaction history, track email performance and invest in better marketing strategies, etc.

9. Uber

Uber the best application for booking rides instantly. You need not wait for a taxi or meet an agent - With Uber app, you can get a cab at your desired location in a few minutes.

As salespersons have to travel across the country for client meets, this app can help you in utilizing your time effectively. With the app, you can reach all the meetings on-time and the best part is that you can pay via credit card and other online payment methods; you need not suffer from the shortage of cash. This way, the Uber app can help you to be on-time everywhere and get their best shot.

10. Pocket

Previously called Read It Later, the Pocket app is basically to save the articles/blogs/videos/images to visit later. The mobile application is accessible both from phone and laptop, and also allow users to read the blogs in offline mode. 

As a salesperson, you have to keep yourself updated with the recent news related to the market. You have to read a lot, and this application can help you in doing so. With the Pocket app, you can go through the saved content even while travelling or having dinner. 

What are your favorite apps for sales? Share in the comment section below.

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