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Scalebound Game Trailer Launches With Dragons Action

Scalebound Game Trailer Launches With Dragons Action.

This action game where players make on towering dream creatures in an astonishingly gigantic world. As through the world of Draconis. Scalebound is available only for Xbox. 

Scalebound is currently under development by PlatinumGames, and it would be their first intellectual property developed since 2013's The Wonderful 101. Creator Hideki Kamiya considered the game a new experience for the studio.

The next great adventure from critically-acclaimed developer Platinum Games and renowned Game Director Hideki Kamiya, Scalebound transports you to a distant, hostile world. You'll come face to face with fearsome creatures, including a formidable dragon—and the bond you forge with this awesome predator will prove crucial to the survival of both worlds.

In the GamePlay

Drew and Thuban are the main characters in Scalebound. Drew is a younger guy. He is a typical fellow and like large portions of his age he wears earphones and feels powerful. And he has something extraordinary, his arm is similar to the paw of a winged serpent and has the same kind of scales as Thuban.
Whereas, Thuban is a large Dragon. Who can breath out the fire and assist players throughout the game.

We are expecting this game might be available in late 2016


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