Unlock Sony Xperia For Free On All Sim Card By IMEI Code

Unlock Sony Xperia For Free On All Sim Card By IMEI Code.

If you are owner of Unlock Sony Xperia phone which is currently locked to some of the world’s major mobile operators and you are interested in unlocking your device then we are glad to announce that with our Unlock service we can help you unlock your device. 

Even though this service method is new in comparison to the hack methods which were used in the past still it is much better method which is also much safer, more efficient and more secure. With our unlock method you will not be required to use hack tools or some similar software services to unlock Sony Xperia mobile phone. No, everything is done legally.

How to Unlock Sony Xperia

The only requirement from the user who wants to Unlock Sony Xperia mobile device is to know the IMEI code of the device. With IMEI unlock your phone warranty will not be affected and certainly will not be lost because this is official and legitimate manner for Sony Xperia phone Unlock. Bellow we will provide the necessary instructions for Sony Xperia Unlock via IMEI code.

Instructions for Sony Xperia Unlock from any Mobile network

1. Find the IMEI code of your device


  • Go to Settings-General-About                    
  • dial the number *06#

2. Check the Mobile Operator to which your Sony Xperia mobile phone is currently locked to. To do this is possible to find on our IMEI Checker here for free.

Once you complete these steps you are ready to order the Unlock for Sony Xperia. The rest of the unlock procedure will be completed by us. The estimated time for Sony Xperia Unlock is between 24-48 hours maximum depending on the mobile carrier to which your device is currently locked to.

Currently with the IMEI Unlock service all Sony Xperia models are supported and can be unlocked. But it is possible to Unlock older models as well. So if you are interested in unlocking your device from any mobile network then the IMEI Unlock Sony Xperia method is the recommended service for you.

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