Google Docs Now Converts Your Voice Instructions Into Actions

Google Docs Now Lets You Edit And Format Text With Your Voice

Easy to say anything more than writing, so if your mind does not want to write anything, you can use voice typing feature that has started by Google in Google Docs Platform about six months ago. In Voice typing feature you can say anything that you want to type.

Google just made an improvement in voice typing feature; now we can also edit and format our document using our voice. So now editing and formatting the document becomes very easy, we have to only use a command like "copy" or "insert table" to do those things without touching keyboard.

The full list of commands is pretty comprehensive, covering everything that you could think of.  The entire list of command is available on the Google Docs support site, so we can easily find the right command for any situation.

In earlier days we had to use cursor to correct any mistakes while voice typing but now we can easily do that in Google Docs to jump to and select specific text and then swap it with other words.

To start using this new feature, we have to select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu in Google Docs on the web in Chrome. Currently, this feature only works on the web and not on the mobile app.
Voice typing is accessible in many languages, voice commands to edit and format are available only in English. 

We can utilize our voice to type, yet there are the variety of commands we can use to edit and format. For instance, we can say "select next word" or "select line" or "select section" or different parts of your document to highlight a portion to edit or organize. We can then edit by utilizing cut, copy or paste voice commands, among others. We can apply text formatting option, for example, bold or italics, change the alignment on the page or change the content color.

We can also utilize voice command to move the cursor around on the page, which indicates we can truly bet everything with voice writing by not continually going after your mouse or touchpad. Utilize the "move to" or "go to" command to go to, for instance, the end of a line, the begin of a passage or to the next or previous character or word.

It is a great vision by Google wherein it aims at giving a user control over everything related to apps without having to use your fingers.

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