7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Web Hosting Company

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Web Hosting Company

Today, most of the businesses prefer to have a website. Whether it is simple or intricate one, having a website is an easy way to showcase your service or products to the world. Once you create a site, the next step is to look for a web host. 

It is important to pick a good web host, as hosting problems can have a negative effect on the business. Discussed below are a few common mistakes that beginners make, while finding a hosting company.

Searching for a Good Web Hosting
Avoid browsing through sites that has plenty of affiliate links and fake reviews. Visit a trusted and real web hosting forum or review site. Check the reviews about the web host before signing up.

    Searching for ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosting Providers
Usually, people with interest in blogging want excellent infrastructure for the blogs. So, for them, the web hosting providers, who claim to provide everything ‘Unlimited’, seem to be the best to host the blogs. However, the truth is that ‘unlimited’ does not work in industries like Web Hosting. It is not possible for customers to host unlimited domains or avail unlimited bandwidth or storage.

Price - The Main Deciding Factor
Pricing should not be the deciding factor, when you are selecting a web host. Although cheap plans are definitely nice on your pocket, there is a vast difference between ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’. A certain amount of money is required by the web host to offer decent service to their customers.

Ignoring Terms of Service (ToS)
The mailing policy and ToS of the web host is generally ignored by many. If you do not go through the ToS before signing up, you will land in big trouble later on. This is particularly true for the hosts, who claim to offer ‘unlimited’. They try to limit the resource usage via their ToS. Also, the Mailing Policy deals with different kinds of limits like the number of mails you could send in an hour etc.

Opting for ‘the cheapest’
Research on the plans that you want to choose, it is not a good idea to choose very cheap web hosting plan. Check whether the support provided by the cheap plans is similar to the costlier plans. Usually, cheap plans offer poor support. Moreover, it does not ensure about the uptime and server stability.

Choosing a New Company
Brand new web hosting companies lure customers by providing various offers. As they want to sign up more customers, they offer different kinds of freebies, exciting deals, great prices, software and other perks. Unfortunately, inexperience in the hosting industry usually catches up with these companies. So, choose a host, who has enough experience in this industry and knows how to deal with the growth spurts efficiently.

Not Testing the Customer Care
Customer support is quite important in cases that need to be solved immediately. Live chat is particularly crucial if the hosting company is not in your country. So, it is best to look for a hosting provider with live chat support.

Choosing a good host is definitely good for your business. Think practically and give your site a good foundation.

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