How Independent Retailers Can Be More Successful in 2015

How Independent Retailers Can Be More Successful in 2015

Owning a small business is an exciting venture because it allows entrepreneurial spirits to really go after their vision with a larger capacity of flexibility to adapt to situations at hand. As an independent retailer, you get that running a smaller company is a lot of work due to often-limited resources but it is completely possible to get things done and do them well so long as there is focus. With all of your grand ideas and goals, make sure you key in on the following tips to ensure 2015 is a prosperous and productive year for your business to take off.

Leverage 2015 Technology 

Have you heard of synced-device technology? If you haven’t, welcome to 2015. Syncing devices for work means streamlining processes and optimizing general everyday operations. Think cloud-based server that helps your employees receive the same information, emails, shared documents, etc., in real-time – it keeps everyone in the loop and ready to work. Furthermore, synced technology helps to mobilize everyone in the company to be able to do their job from their phone, on their laptop in a plane, and even off a tablet at a big convention. Not only do synced device technologies enhance internal communications but also client communications. Whether it’s responding to a customer inquiry via Twitter, emailing back a proposal for review or taking a customer’s online order and processing it right away, the innovation was built for top-notch customer service execution and business operations in mind and it’s something your company will want in place to generate the best outcomes.

Dig into Data 

You always hear buzz words like “big data,” “analytics”… ahem, “Google analytics,” “consumer behavior trends”… Well, there’s a reason why they are buzzing. Technology has made collecting data a breeze and the ability to access this information even easier. You as a business have the ability to see how many people open your promotional emails, how often people are looking at the Facebook business page, and if you participate in online advertising, those platforms can capture crucial information that can paint the profile of your top consumer. Utilize this plethora of info for the greater good of your company’s financial well being by proactively reacting to it. In other words, anticipate what your potential purchaser’s next move is and beat them to the punch using various marketing tactics such as paid ads, email offers and follow-up communications.

Stay in the Know 

Chances are if you were “crazy” enough to start your own shop, you probably are pretty passionate about what you’re doing. Whatever your particular industry is, immerse yourself in it. That means knowing the competition, attending relevant conventions and networking events, reading trade publications (online and print), and getting in the shoes of your consumers by doing activities they would do so you can better understand their thought processes. In this day in age, knowledge is at your fingertips thanks to things like the World Wide Web – use it to your advantage and be an expert at what you’re trying to sell.

Cash Is King and Doesn’t Come without the Customer

Always remember that the customer is the lifeline of your business. Yes, you already knew this, but it’s imperative to not forget. Show your direct investors you care and are grateful for their business with personalization. This can be in the form of direct outreach, timely attentiveness and adjusting to specific client needs. You’re an independent retailer – these are all actions that can easily be executed because there aren’t bottlenecks (often found at larger corporations) when trying to cater to a consumer.

Recruit Employees Who Add Value 

Speaking of a smaller setting, you also have the power to empower your company with the right people. Every team member has a major impact in a small business so hire employees that add value and understand the bigger picture you have for the business. Creativity should be an important attribute to look for during recruitment – you want out-of-box thinkers who can figure themselves out of any obstacle, a standard activity that comes with running a small business.

Social Media, Obviously.

The world is living on social media. It’s on smartphones, tablets, computers. It’s how brands engage people. You know you need to do it. Make it a top priority for 2015. Enough said. Capitalize the nimbleness you have as an independent retailer. Your business, whether you want it to grow or content with it as is, has more control of implementing changes at a more efficient and quicker pace compared to big companies. Use these focal points and this year should be a good one and a great one at that.

About The Author:
Jessica Oaks, I am a freelance writer who loves to cover technology and the ways that technology makes life easier. I also am an associate editor at Freshly Techy and regularly contribute to Yahoo! Finance.

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