Skype Launches Ultra-Private Messaging With Video

Skype Launches Ultra-Private Messaging With Video

Skype Launches Ultra-Private Messaging With Video

Skype co-founder, Janus Friis, as well as former Skype engineers, have created a new ultra-secure messaging application called Wire that provides end-to-end encryption for all conversations, including video calls. 

In 2014, The Wire application was introduced for Android and iOS and is managed by a Switzerland-based team of engineers with famous backgrounds in major firms including Skype, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia.

On Thursday The Company said it was adding video calling to a package of private communications services that go beyond existing messaging providers.

Competitors such as Facebook's Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema and Signal offer encryption on only parts of a message's journey or for a limited set of services, it said.

“Conversation content is encrypted with strong encryption on the sender’s device and only decrypted on the recipient’s device,” the firm said on its website. “Wire doesn’t hold the decryption keys and our software contains no backdoor. Your data is your data – Wire has no access to it. Wire does not sell your usage data to advertising companies”.

As everybody know most of the apps that are running today does not support video messages also it does not provide complete encryption of messages but only to some parts. So it is an advantage to the users who have got fed up with the routine messaging apps. 

The wire is based in Switzerland and it stores user communications on its own computers, delivers privacy protections that are always on, even when callers use multiple devices, such as a phone or desktop PC simultaneously.This comprehensive approach poses fresh challenges to law enforcers, who often seek to exploit gaps in encryption in criminal or security investigations.

"We believe Wire is unique in the industry with always-on encryption for all conversation(s), in groups or 1:1, with simultaneous support for multiple devices," Wire Chief Technology Officer Alan Duric said in a statement.

"Everything is end-to-end encrypted: That means voice and video calls, texts, pictures, graphics - all the content you can send," Wire Executive Chairman Janus Friis told Reuters.

Source: Reuters

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