WhatsApp To Get End-To-End Encryption For Voice Calls And Group Chats

WhatsApp To Get End-To-End Encryption For Voice Calls And Group Chats

WhatsApp To Getting End-To-End Encryption For Voice Calls And Group Chats

Facebook, Snapchat and google, including many major internet companies are working on new forms of encryption to increase protection on their items, the Guardian reported.

Protection will even now be a thorny issue as a greater amount of user information is captured by the various social media accounts they have today. For example, There has been an encryption debate the past two weeks where the Apple and US government have been having an argument over unlocking an iPhone that belonged to a terrorist. This discussion has shown how important encryption is to protect our data that is stored in our phones or in the cloud with the various social networks.

Facebook’s messaging service WhatsApp plans  to offer you end-to-end encryption for all group chats and voice calls on the app means planning to increase its secure messaging service so that voice calls are also encrypted, in addition to its existing privacy features. This service has someone billion, monthly users. 

All social networks have some kind of encryption set up to secure user information. WhatsApp is one such application where user texts are encrypted on both ends so that it is highly unlikely to interrupt user chats.

Snapchat is also working on a secure messaging service, and Google is exploring extra uses for the technology behind a long-running encrypted email project. Google introduced a project called End to End in 2014 that would make it easier to send encrypted emails in such a manner so that only the sender and receiver could decode them. According to the Sources that familiar with the project said it has gathered speed in recent months.

According to the company's terms and conditions, WhatsApp gathers users' phone numbers only, but it doesn't collect names, email addresses or addresses. And content posted to the messaging app cannot be used to identify a person, but users may provide information on the type of mobile devices they use as well as billing information in some cases, depending on the app features used. 

Koum, the WhatsApp founder, has said users should be able to expect that security is a given, not a bonus feature.

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