Now You Can Send The Documents Through WhatsApp

Now You Can Send The Documents Through WhatsApp

Now You Can Send The Documents Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been updated to support document this means a user can share the document, pdf files and other documents with their friends, previously only photos and videos are available for transfer. 

This update of WhatsApp is available only for Android and iPhone users. Users will be able to share documents with friends as well as in groups which they are part of. According to the report, Users with version 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 on iOS will be able to use this feature.

Reports also say that only PDF files stored locally can be shared. Support is not available for .xls or .doc file formats yet. This means that there is no support for .doc, .xls, and other commonly used file formats and there is no official word on when the company will start supporting these.

How it works:

To share files, users need to click the attachment icon at the top right of the screen, select the 'Document' option and select from the list of PDFs on your phone. Previously there is gallery, camera, video, audio location and contact option. Video option is replaced by ‘document’ so now we can share document also.

To use the feature, both the sender and receiver must be on the same version of WhatsApp means If a user is sharing a document to particular contact then contact should also have the latest version of WhatsApp with support documents. If you are sharing a document with a person who does not have latest WhatsApp version, then it will reject itself and show error “Needs to update WhatsApp to receive the document.”

Another key feature included in the WhatsApp iOS app update is that users can now see the "blue ticks" (indicating that the other party has read the message) directly from the main WhatsApp chat list. Previously, one needed to tap on the chat to open the thread and see if the receiver has read the messages or not. The user can easily download the updated app from App Store.

On Android, the WhatsApp v2.12.453 that's available from Google Play for some users shows a 'Document' option in the Attachments section but for not all users with the same app, version can view the document. However, most users of the latest app version available from the company site - v2.12.489 - can see the option, indicating a server-side update.

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