Kim Kardashians Called America's First Family On Magazine Cover Page, Readers Said Its Dishonor

Kim Kardashian's Called "America's First Family" On Magazine Cover Page , Readers Said Its Dishonor

The controversy started from 50th Anniversary of Cosmopolitan Magazine where Kendall, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and Kylie are on Magazine Cover Page called America's first family.

Are they compared the Kardashians to the US President Obama?

This is really insane. People share there reaction on Social Media.

The negative reaction can see on Cosmopolitan Facebook page,,

"First family where? Of what? Cosmopolitan has just lost me as a subscriber. Being that it is "Breast Cancer Awareness" and "Domestic Violence Awareness" month. It would have been smart to put strong survivors on the cover. Absolutely disrespectful and tacky of you Cosmo! "

"Go home Cosmopolitan, you're drunk."

"I need to cancel my subscription!"

Angry people reaction shows on Twitter too

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