Wrike The Online Management Software

Wrike: The Online Project Management Software

Wrike is a well known project management software used by leading companies like iThinkMedia, Sevenly, and Hootsuite. Wrike combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion, and document sharing.

Here are a few benefits of using Wrike:

Seamless work experience: Use Wrike from Day 1 to the end. You can plan, organize, execute work, bring in your team, report on projects, and send updates to your executives all in one place.Wrike gives you the functionality to create fully customized views of the most important tasks, projects, and progress reports for you and your team.

Team up with everyone: Set up your project, send & receive files, get real-time progress updates, hold important team discussions, and more.

Track progress: You can easily track overall progress on the project, as well as the individual contributions from the team.

Engage your team: You can engage your team by assigning tasks to them or pinging them in comments you leave on tasks, and they will instantly receive your notification.

Manage clients: It can be difficult to get ahold of clients and send them updates at every phase of your project. Wrike lets you invite your clients to a free read-only version of specific tasks, so they can see your progress and leave comments or questions right where you work.

Quality integrations: Email, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zapier, and many more. Wrike integrates with most popular tools, so you can leverage the power of all your business tools in one central hub.

Email productivity: It isn’t impossible. Wrike is one of the simplest tools in the market allowing you to move important data from your inbox to your workspace. With just one click you can transform an email into a task, and then get right to work in Wrike — or even from within your inbox!

Mobile enabled: You can check in on work even when you aren’t at your desk with Wrike’s free mobile apps. Track progress, update tasks, and provide feedback no matter where you are.

Download the Wrike App
Get the free Wrike mobile app for iOS and Android, or check out the full-featured version from your computer.

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