iPhone 6S Plus Tips And Tricks

iPhone 6S Plus Tips And Tricks

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus feature 3D Touch for the first time, which opens up a whole host of possibilities when it comes to using your phone.

However, of equal significance may be the launch of Apple's newest operating system, iOS 9. Combine the new hardware features with the new software, and you're left with a phone that is practically all new. It may be called the iPhone 6S, but it really does represent a leap forward.

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So, if you're thinking about picking up a new iPhone 6S Plus (and why wouldn't you, given that T-Mobile offers free 4G LTE data and Apple is offering payment plans for the first time), here's what you need to know to get the most out of your device. These are the essential iPhone 6S Plus tips and tricks!

Bring Your Photos to Life
You've likely heard about this one already, as it played a big role in Apple's keynote for the new phone. But, it's pretty impressive and kind of clever, so it bears repeating here. By default, any photo that you take with your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus includes roughly a second and a half of video footage. Apple calls them Live Photos. Whether you think of them as animated GIFs or mini (mini!) movies, the feature introduces a new way to enjoy and interact with your photos.

Tip: When viewing your photos taken with the iPhone 6S, simply press and hold, and the photos will come to life.

App Shortcuts
One of the biggest areas of focus for iOS 9 is making things even more intuitive and simple. Apple is continually improving its operating system with the goal of making things as easy and logical as possible. One new feature that people are sure to take advantage of is the app shortcut. Put simply, you no longer have to open an application to actually use the application. Apps can now be opened with a shortcut menu, which puts the most commonly used features right at your fingertips.

Tip: Press and hold on an app to get a mini menu of common features and functions. Want to post a photo to Instagram? You no longer have to open the app.

Get a Sneak Preview
The concept here isn't all that different from the apps shortcut function. The idea is to provide you a window into a commonly viewed media, like an email or web page, without having to actually open the file or page itself. For example, say you want to read the contents of an email without actually clicking on it and opening it in your email provider. Apple's new sneak preview function enables you to do just that; click and hold and a preview will appear. Remove your finger and the preview instantly goes away. Pretty useful, actually.

Tip: Press and hold on an email or website, and a preview will appear. To make the preview go away, simply remove your finger from the screen.

Turn Your Keyboard into a Trackpad
Fixing a typo or inserting a lost word into an email or text message can be a pain. Placing your finger at the right spot of the message and making sure you press just so is hardly the easiest means of making a quick correction. Apple seems to agree with that assessment, as the new iPhone 6S includes an intuitive trackpad functionality. In the event you make a typo or forget to include a word or two, you can simply hold down on the keyboard, and your screen suddenly turns into a trackpad. Navigate the cursor where you want it and be done.

Tip: Press and hold on your keyboard to turn it into a trackpad. You can then quickly swipe your finger back and forth to bring the cursor where you need it to be.

Speak to Siri on the Go
If you're one of those people who uses Siri for actual tasks, and not merely as a bar trick, you probably discovered long ago that one of the application's biggest downfalls was that you had to summon it by pressing and holding on the Home button. The entire notion of a voice command system all but demands that you should be able to use it without your hands. And though iOS 8 brought that dream to life, with the new iPhone 6S, "Hey Siri" has finally matured. When you set up your phone, navigate to Settings and toggle on the “Hey Siri” feature (it is now turned off by default). Complete the voice recognition activation, and now you (and only you) can speak to your phone.

Tip: Activate “Hey Siri” in your Settings, and you'll be able to call up Siri anytime, simply with a voice command – whether your phone is locked, turned off (not powered off, of course), or sleeping.

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