iPhone 6 Plus Converted Into Curved phone Accidentally

iPhone 6 Plus Converted Into Curved phone Accidentally.

According to iPhone 6 users phone will bend when its bend left in a pocket for long period of time.

According to Macrumors,

"To prevent bending, iPhone 6 Plus user may want to remove their iPhones from their pockets before sitting or bending. If a pocket is unavoidable, then customers may want to place their device in a roomier pocket that allows the device to slide out the way."

Every Year Apple announces new iPhone model, and everytime its suffer the same problem. Last year Apple announced iPhone 5 and 5s model was also bend.

If you apply force to an aluminium iPhone body, it will bend.

Apple is a big brand in mobile world they should rectify this problem soon.  Its not happened with Apple phones, HTC M8 was also bent according to report.

Apple Announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus this Sep 2014 month


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