5 Branding Moves To Make Your Company Stand Out

5 Branding Moves to Make Your Company Stand Out

Your Brand is your company’s personality. It is the first thing consumers will notice about your company, and it’s what they will remember when choosing a product, a website, or an app. Having your brand stand out among other company personalities is a necessity and here are 5 great ways to do it.

1. Build from Within

One great way to build a brand that everyone will want to come back to is to create a positive and easygoing company culture.  Happy employees equals better productivity, outlook, and image. It also sends a positive message of creating a family-like atmosphere within your company. Costco for example is one company that only promotes from within.

2. Inject Some Creativity in Your Brand

Let’s face it, your company is going to be up against thousands of others already on the market. To stand out among these other brands you have to make yours is unique, and your marketing approach gets that uniqueness across. In order to achieve this goal you should always ask yourself why your product is better than the rest. When you find the answer to this question, market your product’s strong points and this will help you become a leader in your industry. Take Apple for example, who always make their name known, and are great at selling their products, despite similar ones available from their competition.

3. Get Connected

A great way to get your brand noticed is to have it associated with a current event. You can accomplish this by spending part of your advertising budget on ads that are surrounding a public event like a sporting event, a holiday, or something that is trending on the Internet. For example the Royal Baby announcement, after it was revealed that Kate Middleton was pregnant again Nissan, used the moment to promote their their seven-seater X-Trail car via Twitter.

4. Utilize Social Media in Real Time

Everyone and anyone can drop a tweet, but to get your brand more noticed you need to take part in the interaction. By following others on twitter and actively engaging your fan base, you will build a more personal connection with your potential customers. This will help your brand stand out from the rest and it will keep your company on the lips of your customers. It’s also about acknowledging when you make a misstep on your social media accounts, such as DiGiorno just did after accidentally making lite of the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident.

5. Work with influencers

There are many blog owners and YouTube sensations out their today and you can use them to your benefit. By working with those who already have a voice in your market, your product can skyrocket to popularity. These people have a fan base that numbers in the thousands and some even in the millions, so having them endorse your product can really help you quickly get seen. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

About The Author:
This post was written by Ohad Mark Stoller of Fueled, the premier agency for iPhone app design and Android app development in New York City.

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