Attending An SEO Conference – Is It Worth It?

Attending An SEO Conference – Is It Worth It?

Time is money, and signing up for an SEO conference means parting with both. Conferences (the legit ones like MozCon, SMX, Ungagged, etc.) can cost you anywhere from $900 to $3000 and that doesn’t include the add-on training, workshops, and services that the organizers offer. 

Next, you need to consider the travel and accommodation costs. Unless you’re just a few hops away from the conference’s venue, that means shelling out more money – about $1000 to $3000 depending on your location. Summing these up, you’ll have to spend about $1500 to $6000 to attend an SEO conference…and we’re not even talking about the time investment!

Signing up for a two-day conference requires you to set aside at least 5 days (or even a week for good measure) for the event. After all, you need to prepare and pack your stuff; spend 8 to 12 hours on travel; recover from the jet lag; and rinse and repeat everything on your way back home.
Of course, a week of downtime (as far as being present in your desk is concerned) and a 5-figure expense isn't bad at all if the ROI is there.

To determine that however, you need to answer the following question

What Do You Hope To Achieve By Attending The SEO Conference?
Organizers, keynote speakers, and panel discussion moderators are pretty open about what they’re going to discuss in an internet marketing conference. What about you – what do you bring to the table and, more importantly, what do you hope to achieve by attending the conference?
In SEO conventions like MozCon, Content Marketing World, and Ungagged, it’s not at all surprising to see that majority of the attendees are SEO professionals. Some have a few years of experience under their belt – looking to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of the SEO industry and learn from them.
VPs and CEOs also attend SEO conventions to keep a close eye on what everyone else in doing…helping them understand the SEO and social networking strategies that businesses should regularly employ.

On the other hand, you’ll also find non-SEOs attending such events. Most of the time, these folks are looking to meet, greet, and build relationships with potential clients, partners, or investors.
SEO professionals – especially those with decades of industry experience – might find that you’re already familiar with 80% to 90% of the conference’s content with the 10% accounting for the new ideas and twists added by the speakers.
However, these attendees find the most valuable insights and learn about the best strategies by connecting and trading stories with the speakers after their presentation. Even better, these acquaintances can lead to customer acquisition or grow into interesting business partnerships.

So which category do you belong? Are you an SEO professional who’s looking to sharpen his skills and keep up with the latest developments? Perhaps you’re a marketing guy who looks to expand his network? Maybe you’re the type who loves exchanging ideas and building relationships with the speakers?
Once you’ve determined what your expectations and objectives are in attending, you want to look at the SEO convention’s roster of speakers; the topics they cover; the networking opportunities they provide; and see if it’s in line with your objectives.

UNgagged UNconvention - An SEO Conference You Don’t Want To Miss

Whether you’re a budding SEO professional looking to learn the best strategies and techniques; a seasoned vet who wants to give his knowledge and skills an update; or someone who looks to expand his network, Ungagged is an SEO conference you don’t want to miss!

It’s a no-holds-barred gathering where over 27 SEO experts, CRO professionals, and savvy business owners take the spotlight and talk about SEO; optimizing conversion rates like a scientist; strategies for online business acquisitions; how to blog like a PRO; and many more.
And yes, you’ve read that it – it’s no-holds-barred…it’s ungagged. No censorship's, no limits, no moderation, which means there’s no limit to what you can learn!

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