Light Pack A New Level OF Experience For Watching TV or PC

Light Pack A New Level OF Experience For Watching TV or PC. Lightpack — content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or even Android operating system. Lightpack starts online sale at
Basically Light Pack is use to protect your eyes during watching TV or PC. It reduces the lighting between dark and bright scenes. Light mixes with background and your eyes will emasculate less distress. Your brain then works efficiently to combine this small focused part and the rest scene information into a coherent picture.

How it works?
Lightpack consists of a master board, additional RGB LEDs, firmware that manages hardware and the image capture software called Prismatik installed in Windows, Linux, OS X or even Android. The software figures out an average color of the image displayed on the screen for every capture area corresponded to one LED. After that the color data is transferred by USB to the master board, where the firmware, having handled it, makes the definite LED light by the definite color.


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