Smartphones vs. Tablets: 5 things you need to know

Smartphones vs. Tablets: 5 things you need to know. Most people nowadays are torn between the option of choosing a tablet or a smart phone for their daily tasks and activities. While both gadgets are indeed helpful and innovative and as much as possible we would want to have both of it, when one has to make a choice between the two these things needs to be taken into consideration.

1. Camera Capability

Undoubtedly, both smartphones and tablets now come with built-in cameras. However, depending on your desired use you should pick those models that will meet your needs. For instance, if what you are seeking is high-resolution selfie photos then the less than 1MP front cameras of tablets won’t do you a good deal and you should opt for smartphones that offer as high as 10MP cameras. Aside from that, tablets are also harder to manage or carry to take photos of yourself rather than smartphones. Aside from photos, the virtual chat and video settings will also be greatly affected by the resolution of the built in cameras. 

2. Call and Message Function

There is a growing number of tablets that now have the call function. However, in this area smartphones are still being preferred because they are handy and easier to use when making calls or short messages. There is no question in both tablets and smartphones being used to receive emails.  If you want the traditional or usual means of receiving calls and messages then you should go for the smartphones rather than the tablets.

3. Screen Size

Obviously, tablets have larger screen sizes than those of smartphones. Since, that feature basically sets them apart. If you are the type of person that has difficulty in reading the words in the small screen sizes of smartphones then you should definitely switch to using tablets. For other tasks such as watching movies and reading articles and PDF files smartphones will be a little hard to use and it is more convenient to use tablets.

4. Apps and Tasks

The choice between a tablet and a smartphone will actually depend on the intended use of the user. If the goal is to be able to create and view documents then the choice should be a tablet. Likewise, when it comes to playing games whenever you are bored or on a long trip, tablets would be a better choice. Especially when you want to play with your friends, smartphones would be a little off since the screen size is harder for everyone to see unlike with tablets. On the other hand, if the user wants a personal planner and scheduler then smartphones are better. If the user wants to use the gadget for purposes of watching movies and videos then smartphones won’t make the cut. However, if the goal is to simply listen to music, smartphones are preferred since it would be too tedious and uncomfortable using a tablet for listening to music with a headphone or speakers.

5. Portability

Last but not the least; the portability preference should be taken into consideration. If what you want is something that you can carry easily at the palm of your hand or something that you can toss and catch easily then smartphones are the ideal gadget for you. However, if what you want were portable personal computers where you can do almost the same with your laptop then tablets would definitely be a great deal. At the end of the day, what really matters is how you intend to use the gadget, and from there compare your desired models and see which one is better than the other to make your final decision.

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