Wikileaks Website Stats Spying By NSA And GCHQ: Report

Wikileaks Website Stats Spying By NSA And GCHQ: Report. According to new leak by Edward Snowden. US Spy agency NSA and British Spy agency GCHQ are spying on Wikileaks website traffic stats.

Britain’s top spy agency, shows that GCHQ used its surveillance system to secretly monitor visitors to a WikiLeaks site. By exploiting its ability to tap into the fiber-optic cables that make up the backbone of the Internet, the agency confided to allies in 2012, it was able to collect the IP addresses of visitors in real time, as well as the search terms that visitors used to reach the site from search engines like Google. Reported by Firstlook.

WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange said in the statement,
"WikiLeaks strongly condemns the reckless and unlawful behavior of the National Security Agency. We call on the Obama administration to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the extent of the NSA’s criminal activity against the media including WikiLeaks and its extended network."
Both the Agency used ANTICRISIS GIRL to collect data of visitors . ANTICRISIS GIRL initiative was operated by a GCHQ unit called Global Telecoms Exploitation (GTE), which was previously reported by The Guardian to be linked to the large-scale, clandestine Internet surveillance operation run by GCHQ, codenamed TEMPORA.

As before NSA and GSHQ used X-Keyscore for surveillance of every IP address who visited the website. Also some of Hactivist groups were also targeted.

Source: Wikileaks , Firstlook
Image source: Wikileaks
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