Yandex Unveils Its Firmware Kit For Android Smartphones

Yandex offer Android Firmware Kit for Android Smartphones as free. Yandex.Kit, the suite includes features like Yandex Search, Yandex.Maps, and Yandex.Mail, while social networking and other apps can be downloaded from Yandex.Store. Yandex.Kit is distributed on a fee-free basis and performs well on virtually any hardware, including the not-so-powerful devices popular in Russia.

Press Release:

Yandex today unveils its firmware for Android smartphones – Yandex.Kit. It's a complete mobile ecosystem for those device makers and mobile carriers who ship and target their devices to the 100 million mobile users in Russia and who would like to have a choice when entering the market. The idea behind Yandex.Kit is to make it possible for manufacturers to play by their own rules on Android, which is actually free and open-sourced – but without services it looks like a car without the key: it's nice, and looks pretty fast and comfortable, but how do you drive it?

Yandex.Kit includes the full stack of basic apps and services for mobile vendors to install on their devices right in the factories before shipping to Russia. The firmware includes Yandex Search, a webmail app – Yandex.Mail, mapping – Yandex.Maps, a 3D launcher based on Yandex.Shell, as well as a mobile browser and, of course, Yandex.Store – an app store with 100,000 apps. We added some uniqueness into each part of the mobile ecosystem, like the dialer, which uses information from Yandex's Business Directory to identify a caller's number even if they aren’t one of the user's contacts (yeah, we know some other Android firmware suppliers have announced it as well, but we have patented this feature).

The best part of Yandex.Kit is that there are no fees. Yandex.Kit is distributed on a fee-free basis and performs well on virtually any hardware, including the not-so-powerful devices popular in Russia and the CIS.

For international B2B clients we offer deep customisation of Yandex.Kit's parts. For example, Yandex.Store can be branded for any mobile operator or device maker with their own apps featured; Yandex.Browser's search string is to be changed for any search provider carrier that an OEM is partnered with; and quick access tabs (we call it Tableau) are opened for an OEM's or operator's websites.

Yandex.Kit is our main showstopper at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona starting from February 24. We will promote it together with our first and very welcome partners who are ready to ship the first Android devices with Yandex firmware: Huawei Honor 3 Yandex and Explay Flame. Both are expected on the Russian retail market in March 2014.

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