Twitter Has Added DMARC An Email Authentication Security

Twitter has added DMARC an email authentication security. "Twitter get cyber attacks on these days, Cyber criminals attack on celebrities and biggest company official accounts. So for all these happening Twitter announced DMARC technology, its new security protocol created by a group of organizations to help reduce the potential for email based abuse.

DMARC, which stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance", is a technical specification created by a group of organizations that want to help reduce the potential for email-based abuse by solving a couple of long-standing operational, deployment, and reporting issues related to email authentication protocols.

A DMARC policy allows a sender to indicate that their emails are protected by SPF and/or DKIM, and tells a receiver what to do if neither of those authentication methods passes - such as junk or reject the message. DMARC removes guesswork from the receiver's handling of these failed messages, limiting or eliminating the user's exposure to potentially fraudulent & harmful messages.

While this protocol is young, it has already gained significant traction in the email community with all four major email providers – AOL, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail – already on board, rejecting forged emails.

Although this month BurgerKing account was hacked its latest biggest attack on Twitter. Also Twitter has posted on Blog about A friendly reminder about password security. In this post about account security on Twitter, for use strong password, protect from Phisher pages, security threats and more."

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