3 Most Challenging Video Games of All Time

Over time, video games have changed in not just graphics but also, their focus. The games of the older times didn't drive their viewers mad with frustration with their inherent difficulty. In those days, deaths were cheap but so were lives, there was no flexibility in checkpoints like current video games and the codes had passwords that were infuriatingly long and confusing.

The key to defeating these hard games is to stay away from sharp objects, like you do in real life. If you want to try your luck with some of the hardest video games, then the following list will sum up some of them –

1. Adventures of Link – Zelda II – Legend of Zelda was a legend indeed and was on top
of popularity charts. The much awaited sequel that was pretty hyped made the gamer
look askance at the developers. The game had become a fist clenching hack and slash
RPG that was much more difficult that their beloved Zelda. There were three lives but
those took no time to extinguish.

Another thing that made people squirm was the fact that you lost all your experience
points every time you lost all your lives. Also, the Dark Maze was almost impossible to
wade through.

2. Alien VS Predator (the Jaguar version) – Alien VS Predator saw Jaguar shine like
never before as aliens tricked you from behind and your face was eaten. Agreed that the
main reason for such difficulty was probably the poor graphics and limited technology
but that doesn't take away the fact that the game was very hard. You had three options
to play as – alien, predator or marine. Many people believe that they would have fared
better in an actual invasion by aliens.

In order to survive in this game, you have to be on the edge of your seat and most of the
times, you are literally on your toes.

3. Contra – Contra is that game that made cheat codes not only popular but necessary. You
might have a faint memory of sitting with your friends and beating this game but do you
remember that you always used cheat codes when you did that? If you didn't, you are
truly a hero and a gamer. But most people wouldn’t go far at all if they played solo and
battled Red Falcon on their own.

There are 8 levels with three lives that seem to fly away when you’re without the safety
net of codes. There is a waterfall level that has caused many nervous breakdowns to
gamer because it is almost impossible to finish. If your enemies don’t kill you, the
moving screen’s edge certainly will. So, you have to protect yourself and be fast enough
to live.

There are many other games like F-Zero GX, Mega Man 9 and others that are pretty difficult as well. If you are one of gaming enthusiasts and would like to read regular reviews and posts about games, don’t forget to click here for more information and check out the latest updated about the industry.

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Brenda Lyttle is a gadget freak and a proud geek. Loves exploring about new technical inventions and writing about them with her readers. 

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