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4 Smart Gadgets For A Future-Ready Home

Smart Gadgets

4 Smart Gadgets for a Future-Ready Home

Consumer electronic brand Xiaomi recently launched their first smart glasses in China, which come hot on the heels of Facebook and Ray-Ban’s partnership to develop smart glasses as well. Equipped with Micro LED Optical Waveguide Technology, Xiaomi Smart Glasses are reported to have features like navigation, photography, call display, and real-time translation. These impressive technological strides show how quickly we’re heading towards a ‘smart’ future.

With advancements in the Internet of Things, 5G networks, and artificial intelligence, smart devices built for home use are likewise expected to become much more efficient. In fact, the smart home market is projected to grow from $84.5 billion in 2021 to $138.9 billion by 2026; experts suggest that the increasing adoption of smart home products are driven by consumer need for energy-saving and home monitoring solutions. Here are four essential smart gadgets you can leverage right now for a future-ready home:

Smart speaker

On their own, smart speakers are smart home devices that combine microphone, speaker, and Wi-Fi connection into a voice-controlled Google search machine. They’re useful enough to answer your questions, check the weather, and read recipes out loud. When a smart speaker is paired with other smart devices, however, they become the “brain” that manages smart light bulbs, heaters, fans, locks, and security cameras so you can control everything in one app. 

Moreover, smart speakers can be especially useful for monitoring health issues at home; Amazon Echo and Google Home are already adept at detecting cardiac arrest and babies’ breathing, but tech advancements can equip them to check heart rhythm among patients with cardiac issues and sleep apnea.

Smart security drones

Today, drones are used for much more than recreational activities. The Ring's latest security camera, The Always Home Cam, comes with a small drone that flies around the home "to give you a perspective of any room you want when you’re not home." This drone is very different from the wide variety of drones on the market, as it is autonomous. 

All owners need to do is to build a map of their home. The small drone can be commanded to view specific things, such as checking if the stove is on. Don't worry about it breaking anything as it has obstacle avoidance technology.

Smart washing machines

Laundry is an exhausting and never-ending chore, but smart washing machines can make it easier and faster to do — so all you have to worry about is ironing and folding the clothes. Smart washing machines are connected to the household Wi-Fi network, and can be controlled remotely using an app programmed in your tablet or smartphone. 

The sensors automatically detect the laundry load to determine the right amount of water, energy, and detergent to use. Not only do you save resources, but smart washing machines also ensure your clothes are kept in good condition.

Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerators are built with internal cameras, a touchscreen interface, and the ability to connect to the internet, so you can interact with your fridge even when you’re away from home. While the exact features vary by brand and model, some smart refrigerators can read recipes as you cook, set expiration dates for the food, recommend recipes based on the ingredients inside, and create grocery lists. 

Other smart fridges even have built-in sensors so it can open or close the doors as needed. Currently, Amazon is also working on a smart home refrigerator designed to track your grocery habits, predict items you want, and order them so they get delivered before you run out of food.

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