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Xiaomi Unveils Its First Smart Glasses

Expanding the range of products, Xiaomi has launched its first Smart Glasses. Recently, Facebook also announced its own pair of smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban. And now, Xiaomi smart glasses have just been launched in China.

Equipped with Micro LED Optical Waveguide Technology, these smart glasses come with many great features like phone calls and navigation. 

Let's talk about the features and functions of Xiaomi Smart Glasses in detail.

Features Of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Apart from basic notification and call display, many other great features have been given in the smart glasses of Xiaomi. In these, you get the feature of photography, navigation, teleprompter, besides real-time text and photo translation. These smart glasses have a 5-megapixel camera for clicking photos and translating text in real-time. 

Important notifications, phone calls, navigation and photo translation given in the smart glasses can be accessed through the Xiaomi AI Assistant. For connectivity, the option of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has been given in Xiaomi's smart glasses. These glasses work on Android OS and the company is also offering touchpad in them.

The company has used Micro LED waveguide technology in Xiaomi Smart Glasses. With the help of this technology, it has been easy for the company to reduce the weight of the glasses as well as keep the design space low.

It is the wonder of this technology that these smart glasses look like normal glasses in appearance. The company has used 497 components to make these smart glasses. These include miniature sensors along with communication modules.

Xiaomi claims that the display chip of rice grains has been given in the display of these glasses. The display of the glasses is monochrome and their peak brightness is around 2 million nits.

The optical waveguide technology used in glasses transmits a light beam to the user's eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.

Xiaomi said that the lens also has a grating structure on the inside, which allows the light to reach the eyes in a safe way so that the user can see the complete image.

However, the company has not yet disclosed their price. Nothing can be said for sure about when their entry will happen in other countries of the world including India.

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