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Apple Shutting Down Its Original HomePod Smart Speaker

The company stopped the original HomePod forever, the company will focus on its mini model

Apple has permanently discontinued its first smart speaker HomePod. The company launched it four years ago. This full size speaker has now been replaced by the company's new HomePod Mini.

The company said that it now wants to focus on the HomePod Mini. It is also getting good response in the market. For this reason, the original HomePod was discontinued.

When it introduced in 2018, the HomePod was the most powerful premium-sounding smart speaker on the market. The speaker was aimed at the top-end of the market and Apple justified the price by focusing on audio quality compared to cheaper smart speaker offerings from Amazon and Google.

Apple said, "We are focusing on the HomePod Mini. Shutting down your original HomePod. However, its last supply will be done through Apple online store, Apple retail stores and Apple's authorized dealers. All HomePod customers will continue to receive software updates and Apple Care service.

HomePod was launched in the Indian market in May last year with a price of Rs 19,990. This speaker supports Indian English Siri voice. It also has high audio sound. Users can listen to 60 million songs with apple music on this speaker.

HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut last fall and it will be focusing its efforts on HomePod mini instead. As the name suggests, HomePod mini is a smaller version of HomePod and is priced at Rs. 9,990. Users can use the HomePod mini to play listen to songs or podcasts. 

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