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Instagram Unveils New Feature To Keep Teenagers Safe

  • These special features will be available soon on the platform.
  • Now young children will not be able to create an account on Instagram.
  • Unknown adult users will not be able to send messages to teenagers.

Instagram is now taking the safety of teenagers seriously. The company is set to rollout some features that have been specifically designed keeping in mind the safety of young children or teenagers.

Instagram introduces its new technology, which aims to prevent young children from having accounts and to prevent adults from contacting young users they do not know.

Young children will not be able to create accounts

Instagram will use Artificial Intelligence technology to locate younger users and find out the users' age during sign-up. The company said that many people say their age is correct, while young people can lie about their date of birth, but it is difficult to verify the age of people online and many people are vulnerable to it in our industry. 

To overcome this challenge, we are developing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help us keep teenagers safe and implement the new age-added feature.

Unknown adult users will not be able to contact teenagers

Apart from this, the company will also introduce a new feature, which prevents adults under 18 years of sending messages to users, which they do not follow. 

This will prevent the unknown contacts. This feature will use the machine learning technique to estimate the age of the people as well as help with the age indicated during sign-up.

Teenagers will get alert for suspicious behavior by adults

For adults who are suspicious of interacting with teenagers, Instagram is going to take action against them. For this, the company can ban these adults from showing accounts of teenagers to the suggested users. 

Apart from this, Instagram will also alert teenagers when they are suspected by adults, including sending large numbers of private messages. We will use this tool to alert users and give them the option to end the conversation, block, report or ban the suspected adult.

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