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Instagram Extends 30 Seconds In REELS


Instagram Also Extend Timer To 10 Seconds Instead Of 3 Seconds

Instagram announces its latest update related to its short video feature 'Reels'. Instagram has started its video making feature similar to TikTok few months ago by which users are able to create 15 second videos with audio, effects and other creative tools and can be shared on their feeds.

To create Reels, users have to select 'Reels' option which is present at the bottom of the Instagram camera. It also includes audio, AR effects, timer, align and speeds.

Earlier, Instagram also had launched a dedicated Reels tab for users in India aimed at making easier for people to discover new Reels creators and their videos.

Now, Instagram announces a few Reels updates coming at you via Twitter

  • Create a reel up to 30 seconds.
  •  Extend the timer to 10 seconds when you’re recording.
  •  Trim and delete any clip.

The new features update includes length change. You can now record Reels up to 30 seconds in length instead of 15 seconds. Also the timer extended to 10 seconds instead of 3 seconds. Now, you can also trim and delete any clip in a video. This simple update will definately helps users to make 'Reels' more easily.

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