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Instagram Announces Separate Reels Tab For Indian Users


India Was The Fourth Country Where Reels Was Available After Brazil, Germany And France.

Facebook's photo sharing app Instagram has launched a separate tab for Reels only for Indian users. Instagram announced Reels feature in july after TikTok banned in India. The Reels tab exists within the Instagram app and you don't have to download any separate app for it.

With Reels, users are able to create 15 second videos with audio, effects and other creative tools and can be shared on their feeds. To create Reels, users have to select 'Reels' option which is present at the bottom of the Instagram camera. It also includes audio, AR effects, timer, align and speeds.

India is the first market where the company is launching the Reels tab due to the interest and creativity it has seen here and is planning to integrate more tools in future.

The Explore tab on the app is replacing by the Reels tab. It makes easier for users to discover new Reels creators and their videos. You can now seen separate Reel tab at the lower navigation bar in place of the Explore/search/Discover button. By clicking on Reels tab users will see Reels videos and can swipe on to see more videos.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram said in a tweet," Today we're launching a separate tab for Reels in India given the momentum we're seeing in the country"

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