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Instagram Announces Short Video Feature "Reels" In INDIA

Instagram Reels

Instagram Announces Short Video Feature "Reels" In India

India has banned all the chinese apps including TikTok. 

Now, Instagram announces its own short video feature called "Reels" in INDIA. This feature is similar to TikTok and allows users to create 15 seconds video with popular songs, trends, or challenges.

According to Facebook India Vice President and Managing Director Ajit Mohan, videos make up a third of all Instagram posts in India. Out of that, around 45 percent of the videos posted are of 15 seconds or less.

Reels, let users create videos on the app, add creative filters, music and share it with their followers. India is the fourth country after Brazil, France and Germany, where Reels is currently being tested.

Calling Reels as the “future of entertainment,” Facebook's Vice President of Product Vishal Shah said that the superior goal of Reels was to push Indian content creators and help them become potential “global stars.”

How To Use Instagram "Reels"

  • To use Instagram Reels, users first need to open the Instagram camera and Tap on Reels to start creating 15 seconds video. It provide options like audio from Instagram Music library, speed, effects, and timer.
  • After recording a Reel, users can easily share Reels to their followers. Like Instagram Stories, Reels can be shared in the Explore section and can be seen by everyone on the platform.
  • Reels also provide various AR effects to help users add a unique touch to their videos. To add AR effects users can open Reels camera, click on effects and then AR effects.
  • Reels can also be reviewed, deleted, and re-recorded if required. Multiple 15 seconds Reels can also be recorded at once and different effects can be added to each clip.
Reels also come with a ‘Use Audio’ option which will let others use your original audio to create their Reels.

Monetisation options are also expected to be introduced once Reels takes off in India. However, no official public rollout date has been announced yet.

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