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Microsoft Teams Announces "Together Mode" Feature

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Announces A New Feature "Together Mode".

Due to covid 19 pandemic, people continue to work from home and this led to increasing use of video conferencing apps. 

Now, Microsoft Teams has introduced a new feature to make video calling app more better than before. The company announced Together Mode, Dynamic View, Video filters, Live reactions and many other features.

The Microsoft Team new feature make virtual interactions more natural and engaging. These features offer three key benefits for people at work and in education. First, they help you feel more connected with your team and reduce meeting fatigue.

Secondly, they make meetings more inclusive and engaging. And thirdly, they help streamline your work and save time. These feature enables people to collaborate, to stay connected, and to discover new ways to be productive from anywhere.

Together Mode

Microsoft Teams, a Together Mode feature that will help in reducing fatigue during video calls by placing all the participants in the same background, making it look like they are all in the same room. 

Together mode is built to give people the impression that everyone is looking at the entire group in a big virtual mirror.

Together mode uses AI segmentation technology to place participants in a shared background like an auditorium. The company said this reduces background distractions and is especially helpful for brainstorms and roundtable discussions as multiple people will be speaking.

It adds that Together mode makes it easier to pick up on non-verbal cues making the conversation feel more natural. This mode can also solve the eye contact problem that makes people appear as if they are looking in a different direction.

Dynamic View

This feature provide a large gallery view which allows you to see a video of upto 49 people in a meeting simultaneously. This feature gives you more control on how you see shared content and other participant in a meeting. There will be virtual breakout rooms, which will let users have split meetings.

Video Filters

You can use the filters to adjust lighting levels or soften the focus of the camera to improve your webcam in Teams. you can choose the filter of your choice and adjust lighting levels and customize your appearance before a meeting starts.

Live reactions

Live reactions will allow participants to react with emoji during meetings that will appear for everyone. “Live reaction is a shared feature with PowerPoint Live Presentations, which allows audience members to provide instant feedback to the presenter,” Microsoft says.

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