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"LEAF" World's First Fully Transparent Mask Featured FDA, UV-C, N99


 "LEAF" The World's First Fully Transparent Mask

Due to covid 19 pandemic everyone used to wear mask to protect themselves from virus. The U.S based Redcliffe Medical Devices company has made a transparent mask, named "LEAF". "LEAF" Mask, is the world's first FDA UV-C N99, clear mask.

It is the beginning of a an era, where we need to choose not just what we eat, but what we breathe.

It comes in three variants Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV and Leaf PRO.

You can also control the air quality and ventilation in the environment by connecting the Leaf to an Android or iOS phone.

"LEAF" Details

LEAF Transparent mask Features


It is the world's first fully transparent mask that protects you from dust, pollution, microbes and everything else that is present in the air you breathe. It is enhanced with optional self UV sanitization and Active Ventilation.

U-Series HEPA Filteration

The U series HEPA filters are known as the gold standard of HEPA filtration with 99.9997% filtration of 0.3 micron particles.

Active Carbon

Active carbon filtration is a well-known filtration technique to eliminate bad odors and other organic substances from in the air.

Dual Exhaust

The Leaf deploys dual downwards exhausts to enable effortless breathing.

UV-C Active Sterilization

The Leaf steps up the filtration game by active sterilization of the filters using high power UV-C  that destroys the pathogens at the DNA level.


The Leaf mask is designed from soft yet sturdy 100% recyclable optical grade materials. The complete unibody design involves seamless amalgamation of optical materials to create a perfect fit on your face.

Unlike conventional masks that have separate intake valves sewn into them, the Leaf has fully integrated transparent valves in a choice of colors to match with the intake chin cover color.


The Leaf UV and PRO sport a permanent high performance, SGS tested Anti-Microbial and Hydrophobic coating.

Hydrophobic : In Hydrophobic coating water droplets will not stay on the surface of the mask.

Anti-Microbial : According to the following test report from SGS it certifies to destroy 99.99% of the microbes as mentioned in the screenshot below.

Permanent : This nano coating is permant and survives regular washes from water and/or water with mild soap.

All variants contains a permanent Anti-Fog coating for the inside of the mask. Leaf Masks are coated with permanent hydropholic Anti-Fog coating achieved by introducing Nanometer Titanium Oxide particles on the basis of multicomponent polymerization, achieving a long-term anti-fogging and self-cleaning function.


It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes that is enough to match all occasions, dresses. You can choose your choice of color for the exhaust lip and the intake valves. Color options available red, green ,white, black, blue,purple and many more. It also comes in sizes for all L,M,S an XS.

Where To Purchase

You can purchase it from crowd funding website indiegogo. It is available in different range and models.

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