WhatsApp For iPhone Gets A Voicemail Feature Update

WhatsApp For iPhone Gets A Voicemail Feature Update

WhatsApp For iPhone Gets A Voicemail Feature Update

The newest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has been made available for download. Recently WhatsApp beta for Android has established a hidden font for developers. The font is similar to Fixedly in Windows and so far appears to be only font option available to users. Now, another version of WhatsApp update gets two new features, the Voicemail and calling (not video calls) to the most common instant messaging app for Android.

Telling the feature, the Facebook-owned company said: "When placing a WhatsApp call, you now quickly leave a voice message if your call isn't answered, just like voicemail." WhatsApp's explanation is somewhat accurate, as the subsequent voicemail message is indistinguishable from a regular voice message.

The WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.16.189 enhances the two features under the call log section of the app. The callback and voice mail options can be seen when a user miss attending a WhatsApp call. The users on the other side need not require the specific version of the app.

If the intended receiver fails or ignores the call, users will be offered with three options - Call Again, Voice Message, and Cancel. Yes, the same choices were visible in the WhatsApp for Android beta app previous month - with slight differences, it said "Call back" and "Record voice message" on Android.

As before, the Cancel option ends the new screen that users see after a call is ignored or failed. The Call Again option allows users call back the person who just cut or ignored their call. Voice Message, as we said, works same like a regular voice message – you have to hold to record, and once you are done, the message will be presented in the chat conversation between users and their receivers just like a voice message. It's not however known when the feature will roll out to users of the public Android app.

However both the new WhatsApp features are not been rolled out by the Google Play Store, but they’re offered in the app’s latest beta version. The above-mentioned case will work for those users on the other side, which they don't need to require the specific version of the Android app installed. Those users interested can manually download and install the app's app file from APKMirror website. The particular version is not yet available on Google Play or on the company's own website.

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