Google Is Working With Password Manager Firms For 'Open YOLO' Project

Google Is Working With Password Manager Firms For 'Open YOLO' Project

Google Is Working With Password Manager Firms For 'Open YOLO' Project

You all have a million passwords to keep track of, so tools that can support us keep them safe and also make them easier to use are always perfect. To make keeping track of passwords easier, Google has worked with Dashlane to make a new password management API called “Open YOLO” — which stands for “You Only Login Once”, and the project is aimed at simplifying the use of password managers with Android apps.

"Dashlane and Google, along with other leading password managers are collaboratively developing 'Open YOLO' (You Only Login Once) - an open API for App Developers that will give Android apps the ability to access passwords stored in your favourite password manager, and effortlessly and securely log you into those applications!" Dashlane said in a blog.

At Dashlane, you know that strong passwords are our first line of protection against cyber-attacks and harmful data breaches. As headlines continue to be flooded with news of huge data breaches and user passwords sold on the Dark Web, Google has taken notice of the tens of millions of customers and businesses turning to password managers not only to protect their personal data and passwords but also to do fast, secure account login on various devices.

To stay one step onward of the market demand, Dashlane and Google are helping create a seamless, universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution to increase our online security. 

The idea behind the project is justly simple; it purposes to help Android users benefit from the hassle-free entry of passwords. They will just have to link their favorite password manager to their Android device, with apps then dragging the password details from there natively, and automatically.

"Dashlane is spearheading the collaboration with other top password management companies, who will contribute their unique security and software development expertise to improve the design and implementation of this open API," the company said in its blog post.

However the project is only in works for Android as of now, it might also create its way to other platforms, Dashlane said in its post.

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