Business Event Planners: Boost Engagement With Interactive Tech

Business Event Planners

Business Event Planners: Boost Engagement With Interactive Tech!

There are so many business events happening these days - and it’s no surprise. Big or small, an industry event or exciting product launch can result in bigger profits and wider exposure. 

But, you have to get it right. With so many companies competing in the event space, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. There are solutions, however; one of which is making sure you engage your audience.

In today’s guide, we’re going to reveal some clever ways technology can increase your event engagement rates. Let’s kick things off with some of the basics.

The basics

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Only use technology if it will improve on what you are already doing. Never invest in tech that promises to solve problems you don’t already have. There are plenty of products out there on the market, but not all of them will suit your business - or your event. Choose wisely and avoid buying for the sake of it.

Pre-event planning

The pre-event planning stage is critical to the success of your event, but it also offers plenty of opportunities. Regarding how tech can help you, start off by using your social media sites to promote the event. Start well in advance, and ask questions of your followers - who would they like to see as guest speakers? What subject matter do they want to see covered? You audience should tell you the direction you want to aim at - so ask questions and listen well. You can also use seo business for beginners.


Make sure you look at tracking technology for all your guests. It gives you an opportunity to keep marketing while the event is going on. You can even personalise messages specifically for each customer. It’s easy to set up, too. Most mobile event apps have things like barcode scanners. You can track people as they come in and find out which speeches or workshops they are attending. Just invest a little in barcoded wristbands or key tags - you can pick them up for peanuts from retailers such as Dynamic Gift. When you are hosting an event, this simple barcode technology can help you engage with attendees whenever you like.


Near field communication - or NFC - is another great technology you can use at business events. It’s already commonplace - many people use it in their homes with the Internet of Things, for example. NFC will help you form a clearer picture of what, where, and who is attractive to your attendees - and with almost zero work for you and your team. Again, once you have the data, it’s easy to connect and engage more with your audience at any time of the event.

Games and Touchscreens

Finally, people love to get up close and personal with technology. So, think of clever ways to give them that opportunity at your next business events. You could team up with an app developer, for example, and create a game for your attendees that helps explain what your business does. Competitions are great for attracting people’s attention, too. Not only does it enhance the participant’s experience, but games and touchscreens help you capture more data and learn more about them.

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