Facebook Testing On MSQRD Selfie Filters And Opening Your Camera

Facebook Selfie Camera

Facebook Testing On MSQRD Selfie Filters And Opening Your Camera 

As Facebook is launching a new feature in Facebook selfie filter and opening the camera text update prompt, now user can see and open the camera window as Facebook executes and promise to put the video at the heart of all the apps. As this new feature in Facebook sports, the first official integration “the Facebook’s acquisition MSQRD animated selfie filter which is similar to Snapchat". 

Using this new feature in Facebook user can automatically swipe and make different Olympics paints like different flags etc. And also user can  use static graphic overlay filter filters. It’s similar to Snapchats geo filters, to photos and videos they upload to Facebook. 

As the new feature has still not released in India. It’s only released in Canada plus in iOS user in Brazil which ends through the end of Olympics. If users use these feature in Brazil and if it gives a good start and also makes different designs then it could be released to everyone. 

In Facebook what we really see the most is photos most of them will be edited and soon it will be videos. As Facebook wants to make it really easy to share photos and videos. Facebook is trying to combat reported decline in original content sharing. 

Opening new feeds to the camera will encourage the Facebook users who daily use this social media for fun and keeps on updating their profile picture and home made videos. And thanks for the MSQRD filter, people can jazz up their face so they feel less self-conscious. Facebook has all graphic filters called profile frames which give an option for text on photos and upload in Facebook.


Source: Techcrunch

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