Apple Is Planning To Release Its Own Wireless Earbuds Soon

Apple Is Planning To Release Its Own Wireless Earbuds Soon

Apple Is Planning To Release Its Own Wireless Earbuds Soon

Here there is some good news that as people who are iPhone freak, they know that iPhone7 is going to launch with lacking with headphone jack saga. It's has come to know that Apple has developed a customized Bluetooth radio chips for Wi-Fi earbuds. And there is a probability they will even have good battery life, in contrast to most Bluetooth headphones.

However, we do not understand that how the Bluetooth headphone earbuds are used and do it save battery life. If Apple does not know how to make headphone, so the company may require third party supplier like Broadcom which they used for other technologies. Technically the developers are works on the headphones with external recruits from and oak land based semiconductor called passive.

As recently Samsung has announced its own Bluetooth earbuds. So it’s pressure to the company to launch. As iphone7 may or may not be launched in September. The risk is high to do so. But Apple sets high standard itself. It seems either Apple will launch the headphones or not at all.

In recent years, Apple is developing its win chips to reduce the reliance on third party companies, which cuts down on a supply chain issue and also drive technology improvements. As from the rumors, we have come to know that this time, Apple iPhone7 is launching the phone without headphones. Pushing customers towards wireless headphones lightning based headphones. And also from the source had come to know that the iPhone s going to launch in September this year. But still, the date has not been revealed yet on social media.

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