How To Transfer Contacts From iOS To Android

How To Transfer Contacts From iOS To Android

How To Transfer Contacts From iOS To Android

There are four ways to transfer the contact details from iOS phone to android phone which is through Google account, user can transfer the contact information to Google account which will be already saved in Google once users log in iOS phone or Android as a backup, if in case user by default deletes the contact then the contact data from the Google account.

In Google account, we have an option to save the contact details in the account later which be useful. It's average users keep on switching the phones from iOS to android l, as contacts are most important data in every device.

Steps to transfer the contact from the Google account is first to get the login and the go to settings, they will be options for mail, contacts, calendar and add the Google account there. 

When option asks that which data to be synced with the account. Make sure you click on the contacts option. As synchronization takes time, it depends on the number of contacts saved in the Google account.

The second way to transfer the contacts are using iCloud. However, Apple own iCloud synchronization this option might come handy to transfer contacts from iOS to Android.

To do this, the user has to go to settings> same procedure as we did in the Google account but a user should click on iCloud from account option. Now select the contact option for sync with the iCloud account. After all, this done user have to go to iCloud. Command go to the PC web browser and get login in Apple account and select the contact option to transfer.

The third way is using third party apps which are used in iOS and as well as in Android platform.
And the last is using iTunes, firstly user have to connect the iPhone to a computer, then open the iTunes icon and go to the iPhone option on the top. Under the information tab, check the sync contacts with an option and select Google contacts. Then finally enter Google account details.

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