Xiaomi Launches 'Soocare X3' Smart Electric Toothbrush at $35

Xiaomi Launches 'Soocare X3' Smart Electric Toothbrush at $35

Xiaomi Launches 'Soocare X3' Smart Electric Toothbrush at $35

Xiaomi is known for introducing a wide variety of consumer products ranging from smartphones and TVs to products like Air Purifiers, USB LEDs, and much more. 

Now the company has forayed into another segment by introducing a smart electric toothbrush called the Xiaomi Soocare X3. This smart electric toothbrush is priced at $34, which is Rs 2,300 approximately.

The toothbrush dubbed Soocare X3 is made by Chinese innovative startup Soocare Cassels started last year and was learnt to take on Philip’s Sonicare line up of the electric toothbrush with its innovative gadget. The handheld device uses a magnetic raising acoustic wave motor with a swing speed of up to 37200 times per minute which twists the bristle.

To give decent pressure while brushing it comes with 220gf cm high torque output which creates it continues swinging strong. To keep it portable and compact it is made from 0.152mm soft brush by DuPont, USA. It has a high-density 3D brush head which supports in improving the 40% wool quantity per unit area and with the dual 3D rounded design it adjusts to the teeth well giving good control while brushing.

The body of the Xiaomi Soocare X3 originates with the IPX7 waterproof rating and can be cleaned and washed after use directly under running water without fear of loss. To keep its portability, the Soocare X3 comes with Bluetooth connectivity which appears to be able to connect with our smartphone to show the percentage of battery power left.

Other details still hazy at the moment. The device packs a 1000mAh battery which can end up to 25 days without charging and charges to full capacity in just 16 hours. The most exciting aspect is that it supports Wireless charging as well. There are toothbrush tips and bristle sizes available for the different age groups. The Soocare Mini is for children and Soocare Inter is what works for adults.

Officially Soocare X3 will be sold at 10 am on July 19th in Xiaomi store and is rated at 229 yuan or $35 under crowdfunding. The device will start delivery from August.

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