Prisma Photo Filter Android App Released In Beta

Prisma Photo Filter Android App Released In Beta

Prisma Photo Filter Android App Released In Beta

Every social media platform was occupied with photos edited in the recently released photo editing app called Prisma. The app was so good at editing so that everyone started searching for the android APK of Prisma. But the problem was that they only released this app for iPhones. So people who searched on google for “Prisma android apk download” didn’t get any consistent results, except some spammed sites and face APKs.

In order to sign up for the Android beta app, all user need to do is sign up for a newsletter about Prisma app which is accessible at the bottom of the homepage at app's official website. Soon after signing up, the team behind the app will send the user an email with the link to sign up and download the beta version for the app.

Now Prisma got trending. Prisma is an image editing app that changes original images to paintings like images. On Prisma app there many exciting filters present. The user can select a suitable filter for editing. When linked to another picture editing apps prisma develop more quality in their filters. With the help of artificial intelligence and neural networks, prisma filters work much better than their alternatives apps.

APK of the app is already presented hence we tried the app out. The app functions like to its iOS counterpart. The user can capture a picture from the in-app camera or choose any photo from user device’s camera roll. Similar to Instagram, the user can crop, adjust, zoom in or zoom out, rotate the photo and move on to the main part of choosing the art like filters. 

Prisma has stopped the beta until the official release of the Android app. As a result, the user will not be able to access the app even using the APK.

The app has done pretty well in the App Store. In the US, It was the top photo app in the App Store following its release. Now, it is the top photo app in over 40 countries. Prisma has produced so much interest that till now it has registered 7.5 million downloads with 1.5 users actively using the app daily.  

Even Indian celebrities are taking the sign of the app. Alia Bhatt posted a picture of her and Shah Rukh Khan from their new movie taken with Prisma.

The popularity of Prisma clearly specifies that people are more intense on video and photo and first apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook has also been pushing video as one of their main content sources. While Twitter has taken steps to promote videos by Vine and Periscope, it is still a text first network. That has generated problems for the microblogging social network in terms of user growth.

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