Prisma App Available To All Google Play Store Finally

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Prisma App Available To All Google Play Store Finally

The photo-editing app, Prisma, that has moved out viral, is now out of beta on Android and will be accessible to all Android users on the Google Play Store. The free app weighs 7MB and would need Android 4.1 KitKat OS and later versions to run. Prisma mainly allows users change their photos into works of art and relies on artificial intelligence and neural networks to pick out the best filters for pictures. 

The kind of pictures we can get after editing on Prisma, makes Instagram or Snapseed filters look definitely boring. Prisma was first introduced on iOS and was then beta-tested on Android.

Users can just click an image from their device's front or rear cameras and select the effects they want to apply. Users get a total of 36 filters. But, applying the filter on images for the first time might take about a minute. The intensity of the filter can also be controlled.

However Prisma does convert our pictures into artwork, be advised it will take a few seconds for the filter to be fully applied and in some cases, you might get an error “too many people using Prisma right now.” But most frequently the results are worth the wait. Photos of iconic buildings, historical monuments often look quite a fabulous post editing on the app.

The app developers are shortly going to add a host of other features such as the 360-degree Prisma images, Prisma Video feature, and a list of different 'styles' to transform real-life images into digital arts.

The photo-editing app goals to compete with some of the other photo-editing apps in the market like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Instagram, Airbrush, Photo Editor Pro and more.

“We’re not just overlaying like an Instagram filter. We create the photo from scratch. So there is no photo, we took your photo, then perform some operations and give a new photo to you. So deep learning is an artist, something like that.” – Alexey Moiseenkov, the CEO and co-founder of Prisma Labs Inc. in an interview.

One challenge for the app developer may be dealing with the overflow of Android users. As the apps, servers did face pressure after the sudden flow in its popularity among iOS users.

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