Blackberry Hidden Gadgets For Tech Geeks

Blackberry Hidden Gadgets for Tech Geeks: Certification entrant and Advance @ RIM

Blackberry’s database has more than 1 billion BlackBerry® Smartphone users as on date. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software was established in more than 250,000 organizations globally, which enhanced the demand of skilled professionals to articulate Blackberry applications geometrically. IT professionals who need to work on RIM based applications; have to be thorough with the unique software systems and designs, their utilities, standards, feasibilities and structures. So, it is high time to show off your skill-sets and give credibility to your IT career with the BlackBerry® Certification Concepts and the program.

Brief on Gadgets of Blackberry for Techie Learners:
Please find three Blackberry Certification tracks, to customize your career with successful global certifications with RIM:
1.      Plan, design and structure
2.      Manage, monitor and assess
3.      Support, troubleshoot and derive tailor made solutions.

Blackberry 10 professional! The swiftest fastest leap to target in 2014!

A through IT professional already at a peak in his or her career would love to explore something better in 2014, tougher, more global and more of his or her worth in IT industry. With these assumptions in mind, you would suffice a great synergy with Blackberry Certification Program called Blackberry 10! Blackberry 10 Certification, is a benchmark in itself, is designed to cope up with the complex articulations of certain Blackberry products and services. BlackBerry® 10 exams are developed using IT certification benchmarks of the industry and will tune the skilled experts who can support, architect, assess, troubleshoot manage and develop with BlackBerry. Enjoy monopoly in your corporate house with developing the following Blackberry credentials:
1.      Blackberry 10 certification for support specialist (BCP 240 examination- to support Blackberry devices)
2.      Blackberry 10 certification for help desk specialist (BCP 340 exam  - to support Blackberry devise services in an enterprise or information system department)
3.      BlackBerry® Enterprise 10 Certified Information System Administrator (BlackBerry Devices Service – BCP 440 examination)
4.      Blackberry Certified web application developer, using Blackberry 10 native SDK (BCP 842 examination) and (BCP 843 examination – Cascades UI Framework, native framework development)

About The Author:
The Writer has written by Marrt Desilva. She is an IT professional from Selftest Training which is giving guaranteed results for all IT Certification exams. She Loves to share her expertise and knowledge on different matters.

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