Twitter Adds Stickers Features For Photos

Twitter Adds Stickers Features For Photos

Twitter Adds Stickers Features For Photos.

Twitter has started rolling out a way to not only add stickers to our photos but to also have them be searchable. In the app, select from a “rotating set of stickers,” then resize and move them around as we see fit on any photo. Existing photo editing tools will also still be available, such as cropping, doodling or adding filters.After it’s been tweeted, we can search established on the stickers added.

From masks, hats and smiley faces to food, animals, and gadgets, the company declares users will be able to choose from its library of “hundreds” of colourful stickers that can be added anywhere on a photo.

“We’ve really upped our game in photo sharing in recent years and our launch of stickers will bring a new kind of fun to Twitter photos,” Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada, tells the Financial Post.

Native support for photos was added to twitter five years ago, and the company has gradually been incorporating features, but nothing on the scale of what we’d expect from Instagram. According to Twitter chief marketing officer Leslie Berland, millions of tweets with photos are referred daily, and the presence of what’s being called “visual hashtags” will usher in a new search capability — what hashtags did for tweets, stickers will now do for photos.

“#Stickers give people a fun way to add their own unique style to their photos and connect them with others around the world,” explained Berland. “By making stickers searchable, like hashtags, we’re enabling the best of Twitter: Making it easy for people to create conversations around events and experiences that are happening right now.”

These sticker packs cover a variety of categories, including smiley faces, accessories and emotions, food, animals, transportation, sports, symbols, flags, technology, and more.

Embeddable stickers aren’t accurately new, as others — such as Snapchat and Path — have maintained them for a while. But, having them be searchable will come in handy when observing up specific photos on Twitter, and also on search engines like Google. This should also demand to advertisers, giving them one more opportunity to target their promoted posts. Previous this month, Twitter permitted emojis to be targeted, and while the company hasn’t clearly said stickers are fair game, it’s not far-fetched to think it could happen soon.

Earlier updates to photos on Twitter contain the addition of  tags, and filters along with editing skills, such as cropping; making them more easy to get to users who are visually impaired; and more.

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