Google Is Going To Launch Its Own Smartphone This Year

Google Is Going To Launch Its Own Smartphone This Year

Google Is Going To Launch Its Own Smartphone This Year

When we talk about Google's phones, we talk about Nexus phones, which are not fully Google phones. Google works with phone makers like LG, HTC, and Motorola to make Nexus phones. According to a media report, Google may release its own brand of a handset by the end of this year. The technology giant is in considerations with mobile operators about discharging a Google-branded phone, the Telegraph informed on Sunday, citing sources familiar with the discussions.

However, previously this month, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company has no plans to make its own smartphone as of now. He also said that the company will continue to work with other OEMs to build Nexus phones.

Known for its internet software, the technology giant in recent years has taken steps into hardware by releasing its own laptops, tablet computer, and other gadgets. Google now improves the Android operating system that runs on 80 per cent of smartphones sold around the world. It also recommends a range of phones made by partners such as Huawei and LG under the Google Nexus brand.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had, though, earlier said that “our plan is still to work with hardware partners”. Its own phone would permit Google to control the Android software, getting the future of services such as the Google Play app store and Google search engine that run on it, the report said.

It appears highly questionable that Google will close Android for others. But if it does come out with its own smartphone, it will give Google an authority over others. The Google phone will support the company control how its OS can be best improved. 

In April, Google officially established a hardware division which is regulated up by Rick Osterloh, a former president of Motorola. The division was shaped in an effort to streamline the production of all the hardware presently in development.

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