The New Viral App Host Your 'TalkShow' - Texting In Public

The New Viral App Host Your 'TalkShow' - Texting In Public.

Talkshow is a new social networking app from ex-Twitter VP Michael Sippy. The application is a mashup of Twitter and WhatsApp. Screenshots of chats are often shared on social networking, entertainment sites and news. 

Talkshow hopes to change these by directly inserting the chatrooms themselves. Each room is called a Talkshow, and hosts can invite users to a show. The app advises TV shows, sports, news, and politics as some topics, but users can chat about anything under the sun.

  • Share any Talkshow to Facebook, Twitter and the web
  • Anyone can tune in to your show, even if they don't have the app yet
  • Ask to be a co-host of any Talkshow
  • Find your friends via Facebook, Twitter or your address book
  • Get notified when people you follow are live
  • Universal app: designed for iPhone and iPad

Founder Michael Sippey said in a blog post that the concept is inspired by a conversation posted online of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.  

“People have been screenshotting texts and posting them on the web for years, but it was this Instagram pic Taylor Swift posted of a conversation with Ed Sheeran that pushed me toward Talkshow,” he said.

“This little exchange is funny, it’s personal, and even though Tay and Ed are multi-platinum superstars, their conversation is relatable. Why? Because everybody texts! And everybody texts about everything: sports, TV, politics, Beyonce’s Lemonade, Damn Daniel, or what they’re eating for dinner. I wanted to create Talkshow to give people a platform to share these conversations in front of an audience.”

Each Talkshow is invited only, which means random from the Internet cannot come in and crash the party. This also lets for a curated and closed discussion. Randoms from the internet can share , like or select from a pool of preset reactions.

After attracting significant attention on Twitter, the application turns into the extremely buggy, with many unable to open the app after downloading.

People can see the public text messaging discussions in real time or after a Talkshow has wrapped; it can also be shared outside the application and embedded on other sites. 

After downloading the app, the user can find friends on the app via Facebook, Twitter or their email contacts. To kick off a show, a user picks their host, select a title and an alert will be pushed out to followers. It’s also possible to discover live Talkshows from the app’s home screen and chime in. And if we feel compelled to jump in as a co-host, we can send a request to do so.

While the user may roll their eyes at the concept — do we really need another social app? — and let’s be honest, Peach was all hype and not much more — this is actually something that could take off.
Messaging inside the app supports multiple languages, and even stickers using custom keyboards. The Talkshows can be inserted in social network feeds or web pages. The app also offers a permalink on the website for every Talkshow hosted, so interested parties can follow the discussion at any later time. 

You can download Talkshow from iTune Appstore.

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