Next Apple Watch To Have Cellular Connectivity

Next Apple Watch To Have Cellular Connectivity

Apple is said to be working on the next iteration of its SmartWatches. It reportedly plans to bring two new features, or at least these are the two rumored for now. The user can except a faster processor and cellular SIM support, reports a Journal report, citing sources familiar with the matter.

A new report said that Apple is already dealing with its second-generation Apple Watch and will be including new features such as cellular connectivity which means users won't be required to carry an iPhone nearby at all times for mobile data.

Smartwatches from LG and Samsung already have the cellular network, which makes it easier to go on a run and leave the pairing phone behind. Many people have complained about the Apple Watch demanding to be within a certain distance of the iPhone to fully work.

Cellular connectivity wouldn't simply free the watch from dependency on the iPhone, but it'd also allow apps load and work quicker.

Over the last year, Apple has updated watchOS, the operating system that powers the devices, twice making performance enhancements and also improving its list of capabilities.

Many consider that the Apple Watch also struggles since it only works with an iPhone and is dependent on Bluetooth connection for a lot of its functionality and the phone's GPS. By adding cellular connectivity Apple is possibly looking at ways for making the Watch more self-sufficient.

"Once the watch apps are able to be run independent from the phone, then potentially it's its own app. But for now, the watch app is clearly a companion, because it literally cannot do anything without the phone," Will Price, CEO of Simple.

A current report mentioning an analyst said that Apple may refresh the Apple Watch in June at its annual developer conference - WWDC. The Apple Watch successor was supposed to sport a 20 to 40 percent thinner body than the present offering.

In front of WWDC, Apple recently declared that new watchOS apps submitted to the App Store from June 1 will have to be native applications . One of the main reasons to shift to native apps built with Apple's watchOS 2 SDK was said to eliminate performance issues, for example, lag. 

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