Microsoft's Edge browser Comes With Ad Blocking

Microsoft's Edge browser Comes With Ad Blocking

Edge AdBlock is a small, simple, straightforward ad blocker program that permits a user to block ads and banners in the Microsoft Edge browser. User do not need any extension or addon to block advertisements. With Edge, AdBlock installed user will surf the web faster and safer and it does not contain any unwanted software. It is certified malware free from all major antivirus software. Edge is a showed trademark of Microsoft. 

Microsoft planning to include an ad-blocking feature within the next version of the Edge browser.the recently Microsoft Build conference held in San Francisco, the company revealed a slide confirming that it is really building ad-blocking features into the Microsoft Edge browser which is replacing Internet Explorer and These features should launch with the next browser version. The company said that the browser with the ad-blocking features built in will have version number 4682811. Recently The company  added support for extensions in an Edge preview build, but ad-blocking will be prepared in as standard in future releases.

This move indicates that users of Edge would no longer have to add adblocking extensions such as Adblock Plus to their browsers.

The first time Microsoft has announced that it will be adding the ad-blocking capability to its Web browser. While such tools have existed for over 10 years, it was just a couple of months back that the controversies surrounding this tool were in the spotlight. last year Apple presented this capability in iOS 9. Since then we have also seen Samsung permitting ad-blocking on its Internet browser on Galaxy smartphones.

According to estimates, ad-blocking tools are costing advertisers, and by publishers, extension , millions of dollars every year.

The guarantee of faster web browsing, as well as a less chance of getting a virus and fewer data consumption, are the reasons why ad blocking is well known. But it's also bad news for websites, which remain to lose a great deal of income as many people have pointed out.

In addition to Microsoft Edge, recently Opera also declared that it is testing its desktop browser with an integrated ad-blocking feature in order to provide a faster browsing capability. The move has made Opera the first browser in the world to have the ad-blocking software. 

Microsoft is yet to declare when exactly it plans to launch the ad-blocking software on the future versions of Edge. Recently, the company started sending the Edge browser with a couple of supported extensions to Windows Insiders.

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