Apple Launches New 'Safari Technology Preview' Browser For Web Developers

Apple Launches New 'Safari Technology Preview' Browser For Web Developers

Apple Launches New 'Safari Technology Preview' Browser For Web Developers

Apple released Safari Technology Preview, a new version of its web browser meant specifically at developers. Safari Technology Preview is  meant for developers to be able to test and experiment with future web technologies and upcoming features.  Apple is planning to implement in iOS and OS X, offering an early look at new developer tools, layout technologies, visual effects, and more. 

This is similar to Google Chrome Canary, which allows developers to play with in-development web technologies ahead of official releases. The app even comes complete with a new purple icon. Apple's Safari Technology Preview will give developers access to the latest versions of WebKit, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML that will eventually make their way into the consumer product.

Safari Technology Preview will sync with iCloud so that user settings and bookmarks can be transferred over from the public release. Apple tells “The Next Web that it will update Safari Technology Preview roughly every two weeks through the Mac App Store.” 

The Safari Technology can also run side-by-side with the existing version of Safari and it's able to be set as the default browser on a machine. the user can download Safari Technology Preview from Apple's developer portal , and if not a registered developer with Apple then no issue anyone can download the app. Visually, the Safari Technology Preview icon is designed to look like the Safari icon  but it is purple in color instead of blue.  

The first build of Safari Technology Preview includes the following release notes:

JavaScript Improvements 

  • ECMAScript 6 support including lexical scoping, iterators, generators, arrow functions, default parameter values, and many new built-in APIs 
  • Better standards compliant IndexedDB support with more stability 
  • Included the B3 JavaScript JIT compiler with low-latency, high-throughput that boosts performance 
  • Added the ability to use document.execCommand(copy') and document.execCommand(cut') in response to a user gesture to copy and cut text programmatically 

HTML Enhancements 

  • The latest implementation of the Shadow DOM specification 
  • Added support for Content Security Policy Level 2 

The Web Inspector Changes 
  • Added memory summary and JavaScript allocations timelines 
  • Added a fast JavaScript sampling profiler 
  • Improved JavaScript profiling timeline view 

Behavior Changes 
  • Included many web compatibility fixes and bug fixes

Initial testing of Safari Technology Preview propose the first build is quick, and quite stable with no any undeniable issues or significant problem, perhaps making it usable as a daily web browser for those who are comfortable with the idea of running what is essentially developer-centric software. It remains to be checked whether the new Safari Tech Preview is affected by the same that affects a few clients with Safari in OS X 10.11.4. . Users can install plugins and extensions in Safari Tech Preview without affecting the normal Safari browser, and vice versa. 

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