iPhone 7: The Rumours And Leaked Information Regarding Design And Specifications

iPhone 7: The Rumours And Leaked Information Regarding Design And Specifications

With the market abuzz with the new iPhone 7 design and features, we are here to give you the scoop already. 

Apple products are the all time fad and they are far from leaving the competition to its fellow smartphone companies. iPhone 7 indeed pledges to make heads turn yet again. Following features are being expected in the latest upcoming model that will hit the markets much later this year.

Rumour 1:  iPhone 7 is expected to have iOS 10 or 10X installed and the ritual of performance upgradation will be followed. With the new Apple A10 processor and embedded M10 motion co-processor, we can envision lightning activity. iPhone 7 is expected to have the same 2GB RAM as the earlier models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

Rumour 2: Sidewall Displays. Yes, the perfect answer to the patent Samsung’s Edge technology, Apple will be seen with wider display and a virtual home button. Music keys will be touch screen too and all the notifications will display on the left side wall.

Rumour 3:  An e-sim? Apple can be saying goodbye to sim adapters or if this model does not see this change the position of nano sim slot will go on the top edge of the phone. An e-sim could be a really breathtaking feature as it will allow flexible roaming. Users will be able to switch operators and networks without the pin and slot physical hustle.

Rumour 4: Waterproof display and without glasses 3D technology                          
LG Optimus 3D had not been able to keep it well but expections from Apple are high to bring in this tech in their next launch. Apple is said to be working with their supply chain management partner TPK on this. Way to go technology! Without the annoying goggles it is going to be a treat to watch 3D display.

Rumour 5: Wireless ear phones and no ear jack port in iPhone 7?
This just made us gasp but Apple has favoured removing the ear jack port since last year anyway. With this move they will be launching their wireless headset and promote them alongside.

We never know which or all of these could be true but our expectations are high after these buzz in the industry. 880$ of finance management is what I am planning for 2016. Leave with us your thoughts about the new iPhone 7 in the comments section below.

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