Foldable Smartphones To Be A Reality in 2016

Foldable Smartphone

Foldable Smartphones To Be A Reality in 2016

We all were taken by surprise and  LG was hence the show-stopper at CES 2016 with its new AMOLED display that is rollable just like any other office document. 

Just after this shocker Samsung is now seen making headlines with its new concept of “Foldable Smartphones” that will soon be a reality. Project Valley or Project V, as named by Samsung, could be the biggest market differentiator this year and thus will capture not only the smartphone market but is also believed to lead the tablet hierarchy.

Project V will be another revolutionary technology after  news of sidewall displays by Apple are doing the rounds. At the launch of iPhone 6S, bendable smartphones were so feared by the masses but this wallet like tablet will make all tech savvies to own one as larger screen sizes and yet easy portability will make them lovable gadgets for one and all.

All we are wondering right now is  that will Samsung surprise us with an awesome product range of tri fold tablets, a book like phone and flexible screens or they will launch one at a time?! What do you think about this revolutionary technology coming our way? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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