What Does It Take To Create A Viral Marketing Video?

What Does it Take to Create a Viral Marketing Video?

Have you heard of those viral marketing videos that get shared hundreds of thousands of times, reach millions of people, and help generate immense sales figures?

If you have and you’re looking to create your very own viral marketing video the first thing you need to do is temper your expectations.

Take a look at the marketing videos that have gone viral recently and you’ll notice that most either feature celebrities or big brands, or are some strange and spontaneous ‘one-off’ event that can’t be emulated (although many people try, and fail). Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a viral marketing video – it just means that you shouldn’t get into it expecting to get hundreds of thousands of shares.

Focus on Creating a Video that People Want to Share

As with any viral video, the main idea is to generate exposure by convincing people to want to share it. So ask yourself: Why do you share some videos and not others? In most cases it boils down to a question of whether you feel that video is useful, humorous, shocking, inspiring or appealing in some other way.

Sometimes it may even be a combination of those factors.

Use those factors as your guidelines when you’re deciding on the topic of your video and how it is going to be structured. One of the easiest types of videos that people find useful are video guides or tutorials, but there are tons of other options too that you can explore and look into.

Make Sure it Looks Professional

Above all else, you want to try to ensure that the video you create looks as professional as possible. Doing so encompasses numerous areas – but some of the basics include the overall video and audio quality, the recording quality, the voiceover, and any other extras that may add some aesthetic appeal.

To make sure your video looks ‘perfect’ you will need to be comfortable using the software to capture and edit the video that you need. If you aren’t quite sure about that, try the Movavi Screen Capture Studio out as it is easy to use and will act as a screen capture, webcam recorder, and video editor – all rolled into one.

Using it, you’ll find that you have total control over the video footage that you record and its features will not only allow you to set the screen capture region and frame rate, but also let you choose whether or not to capture keyboard and mouse actions too.

To polish it and ensure that it really does look as though it was professionally produced you will also have all the tools you need to edit your video. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio includes features that will let you cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, stylize the video with special effects and filters, and much more.

Take your time and be sure that you cover all the bases. Creating a viral marketing video takes time and effort – but if it starts to get shared widely (even if not hundreds of thousands of shares) it will be worth it.

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